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  1. Profile photo of Waleska Waleska says:

    I picked Anuel Daniel

  2. Well I’m having a boy, and he is going to be a third! But if i ended up having a girl i would’ve named her Jacey, but hopefully next time when i am pregnant again in a couple of years, if i have a girl I’ll name her that or maybe the name Carrie

  3. Profile photo of Perkesia Perkesia says:

    Perkesia pregnant

  4. Profile photo of Marley Marley says:

    My husband and I agree on many boy names but if we have a girl he wants to name her after his sister (if it were for a reason lime she passed I would be okay with it but she is very much alive and healthy and me and gim have talked about that i dont want any of our kids to be named after someone unless its for a passed family member or friend) her name is Alyssa which is a Beautiful name it just is very common, and I like not too long, to be pronounced, yet unique and cute names, but we have trouble to agree on every girl name. The girl names that i do like are, Bonnie Balue (like baloon just without the n on the end), Judith Sophia, Dannae, Amara, Neveah Christine, and Leannie Anne.. Those are the type of names that I like, would anyone have any other suggestions that maybe sound similar to any of those or the name Alyssa so he can have part of his wish.

    • Profile photo of Danielle Danielle says:

      Did you have your baby yet? Boy/Girl? I would suggest combining the name he likes with one of yours. Like Alyara, Chrissa, Bonnissa, or Alyanne? If you already had your baby, congratulations! If so what did you decide?

    • Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

      my husband and I do not agree on names, at this point I am thinking our baby will not have a name until her birthday. I did not want to originally find out what we were having but a midwife who was not a regular one of mine, told me… my husband wanted to know, find out it was just so he could come up with names, which we could figure out what we like of both.

  5. Profile photo of Jeana Jeana says:

    Adara is a stupid person in my office 🙁

  6. Profile photo of Abigail Abigail says:

    well I don’t know what im having yet im only 9 weeks but I picked out a girl names and a boy name. For the boys name I picked Xander Zane and girls name Serenity Rose I think there both beautiful names 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Tori Tori says:

    My daughter who is due in 6wks will be named Elysia; sweetly blissful

  8. Profile photo of jessica jessica says:

    Paisley Monroe and Marlee Anne are my girls xoxo ❤❤❤

  9. Profile photo of amrita amrita says:

    I don’t see my baby name

  10. Quiero seguir ha delante y darle lo mejor ha mi hijo ..

  11. Profile photo of Angelita Angelita says:

    I really like the give away

  12. Profile photo of Estefanie Estefanie says:

    My ❤s names are -Nevaeh, Joseph, Messiah and Harley
    And my angel baby was named Hope. RIP BABY GIRL

  13. How about joey and mary jane name combined with father and mother name

  14. Profile photo of KISHA KISHA says:


  15. Profile photo of Keda Keda says:

    I am going name my baby girl ” Addison Rae”

  16. Profile photo of Brianca Brianca says:

    I am going to be naming my little girl “Hunter Isabel” inspired by the actress “Hunter Tylo”

  17. Profile photo of MaToya MaToya says:

    I can’t decide and its driving me crazy. Autumn Skye, Journee Lynn or Zoe Amara?


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