Gender Predictor Quiz

Check your side profile out in the mirror. How is your bump shaped, and where is it sitting?

You've probably had strangers stop you on the street, convinced they can tell you whether you're having a girl or a boy just by looking at you. This gender predictor quiz is based on several of those "wives tales" that have been used for generations to guess the gender of your baby. Of course this is just for entertainment - we don't really have a secret window into your uterus! - but we hope you'll give it a try and have fun! While you're here, be sure to check out our gender predictor tool which is based on the Chinese calendar prediction method.


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  1. Profile photo of Denise Denise says:

    Mine said girl I won’t find out for a few more weeks but it will be awesome if they get it correct.

  2. Profile photo of Nunia Nunia says:

    Says boy… Let’s see

  3. Profile photo of Sana Sana says:

    Boy it says ! Let’s see ! Well how many of u had posterior position with boys ?

  4. Profile photo of Regine jean Regine jean says:

    in 25 weeks and have not been to a doc yet i hope its another boy

  5. Profile photo of Melanie Melanie says:

    It is true . i know the sex of my baby and still took both quizz and predictor tool said a boy and i am having a boy ..

  6. Profile photo of May May says:

    My test says boy, quiz says girl though some of my answers were random. I’m indifferent tho as I do have both.

  7. Profile photo of Kara Kara says:

    I was just playing around with this, I took both of the prediction thingies and they both said girl! Unfortunately both are wrong cause I’m having a boy. 🙂 I took the harmony blood test to determine the gender of my baby. It was still fun to take the prediction test though, even though on some questions like the “linea negra” question there is no “i don’t have that” option.. Oh well. Goodluck all

  8. Profile photo of Susmitha Susmitha says:

    I want a baby boy.. please pray for me….

  9. Profile photo of Vyxyn Vyxyn says:

    Mine came out girl and that is correct.

  10. Profile photo of diana diana says:

    quiz and prediction tool says its a boy but yesterday I checked ultrasound and it says is a girl am confused I really wanted a boy this time

  11. Profile photo of Mercedes Mercedes says:

    Mines came out as Girl and it was correct

  12. Profile photo of Dee Dee says:

    Not sure wat to think … it’s good entertainment … but I have to grown boys love a girl but if a next son …. my son’s be happy as they said mum a girl ?? No cuz she won’t be allowed out til shes 21

  13. Profile photo of Lourdes Lourdes says:

    Mine says boy but idk maybe it might be other girl lol well see soon.

  14. Profile photo of Marina Marina says:

    Says Girl…Hoping she is! Just a little worried seeing genetic counselor today,high risk pregnancy,DS risk or other birth defects. Please keep me in your prayers baby and me would appreciate it very much. Single 41 year old mother of 3 and 1 on its way.

  15. Profile photo of Tonya Tonya says:

    I was told that I would be having a boy since the heart rate was over 140. I had a boy.

  16. Profile photo of Tonia Tonia says:

    Hi, am 7 weeks gone, am more concerned about having a healthy baby, am 21 years old living in Nigeria. Though I am not married I chose to keep the baby, the father is from France but isn’t in the picture. I am hoping for a girl, am obsessed with the idea of having a little one bathing in pink to the extent that I forgot that it just might be a boy. All my whishlist items are baby girl related. I’ll stop jinxing it from now on because I don’t want to be disappointed. I haven’t had any morning sickness or nausea but I leave everything to God. I just want to do right by my baby. Am due next year around march. Haven’t been to the hospital for anything but soon. I hope my baby comes out healthy

    • Profile photo of Nicole Nicole says:

      Tonia, I really hope everything works out well for you and your baby! It’s a tough decision to make when you know that you will be raising a child on your own but I think you will be a wonderful mother. I’m glad to hear that you have faith in god to help you through the hard times. Best of luck!

    • Profile photo of Tonya Tonya says:

      You are are Right.

  17. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Mine said Girl I will find out tomorrow if it was right so excited