My Pregnancy Week 31

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Pregnancy Week 31

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring approximately 16 inches long, he weighs about 4 lbs. Four whole pounds – wow! And from this week, until two weeks before birth, he will gain about a half-pound every week.

As you've probably noticed, she is moving around quite a bit in there. It's not uncommon for her continuous movements, which may feel like somersaults, to keep you up at night. Her arms, legs, and body are also filling out as she continues to develop fat underneath her skin, making those kicks and prods feel even stronger than last week. You may even see an arm or a foot move slowly across your belly.


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My Pregnancy Week 31

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  1. Profile photo of Abigail Abigail says:

    I’m 31 weeks today . On my third pregnancy and my third girl. I’m actually very excited about having three girls and my husband is thrilled as well. I was having a great pregnancy but lately I’ve been getting a lot of chest pain, really strong acid reflex with bad pain. Staying out of breath quickly. Its been hard . But I’m just looking forward to meeting my 3 princess.

  2. Profile photo of Tanesia Tanesia says:

    I am 31 weeks today I’m so excited only 8 more weeks to go I can’t wait to meet my little prince. He move a lot seeing is little feet on hands pushing up across my belly he is very strong aaww I just can’t wait

  3. Profile photo of antoinette antoinette says:

    I’m 31 weeks and I have 6 weeks to go and I’m excited to be having 2 indenical girls !!!!

  4. Profile photo of Ayanna Ayanna says:

    Im 31 weeks and four days I have 8 weeks to go im excited and this is my forth child but its been 14 yrs since ive had a baby and this starting to get real uncomfortable and very hard to sleep at night, she is moving a lot more but I cant wait until the big day comes im getting excited and nervous.

  5. Profile photo of Ayanna Ayanna says:

    Im 31 weeks and four days I have 8 weeks to go im excited and this is my forth child but its been 14 yrs since ive had a baby and this starting to get real uncomfortable and very hard to sleep at night, she is moving a lot more but I cant wait until the big day comes im getting excited and nervous.

  6. This is going fast!! =)) how exiciting!

  7. Profile photo of Jessamine Jessamine says:

    31 weeks today, this will be my 1st baby! Can’t wait! 😀

  8. Profile photo of sharmaine sharmaine says:

    31weeks pregnate and
    getting light headed almost everyday.Is that normal?

  9. Profile photo of itisha itisha says:

    I’m so in love!!! Can’t wait to meet my little #prince!!

  10. Profile photo of Cait Cait says:

    Ready for these last few weeks to fly by!

  11. Profile photo of Karina Karina says:

    31 +2 ; 9 more weeks! !!
    I am so excited yet terrified.

  12. Profile photo of Moyo Moyo says:

    31 weeks and 3 days, so happy!!! It’s been good all the way.

  13. Profile photo of Zahra Zahra says:

    31 wks 3 days, this will be my 6 th baby sooo excited! Are we done? Until God says No more… :))))

  14. Profile photo of Nancy Nancy says:

    Last night we saw baby slowly turning in my belly! It is a great feeling even though very uncomfortable.

  15. Profile photo of Laura Laura says:

    i’m 31 weeks, 3 days and having a little boy! i am so excited to meet him! i go to the doctors tomorrow to see how my little one is doing. yesterday and the day before, i was a little nervous because my little man hasnt been moving as much as before (still at least 10 movements in an hour though) i am assuming it is due to lack of room but today he has moved much more than yesterday. I cannot express how happy i have been during this pregnancy as my last pregnancy ended 12 weeks along, this pregnancy has been GREAT! not much sickness, not much feeling uncomfortable, not a scary amount of weight gain, and i have remained energized the entire time! I have showers coming up and the preparing is getting to feel overwhelming yet super fun at the same time! 9 more weeks!

  16. Profile photo of Lacey Lacey says:

    I am 30 weeks and 6 days. Very very excited for my new baby girl. This will be my fifth and final pregnancy. I have three from previous marriage and a boy who is 15 months with my current husband.. It’s been tough being older and having them back to back like this but I’m a trooper. The heat and humidity of summer is starting to weigh me down though. I’m going to be very happy when the pregnancy is over and I have a healthy happy baby girl. My older kids adore our little boy and are also super excited for a girl. Especially my daughters. They have enjoyed all the shopping and preparations for her. My husband is ecstatic to finally have a girl of his own too.

  17. Profile photo of Tamara Tamara says:

    31 weeks today! third pregnancy but not any easier. so exhausted, find myself breathless at the littlest tasks!
    cant wait though, i try to think of the joy of holding my baby. The love just overwhelms you and all the aches are forgotten!

  18. Im 30 week’s n 3 days 2day I can’t wait to meet my lil penut his really active but at night I put relaxing music for him close to my belly n I sleep with pillows around my belly n one between my legs to sleep better n so far it works im so exited 🙂 im also orgenicing my own bbyshower♡♡♡

  19. Profile photo of Kamiko Kamiko says:

    I’m 31 weeks today I went to the doctor and my baby boy weights 4pd even and 16.8in can’t wait to meet my him

    • Profile photo of Ayanna Ayanna says:

      I go on Tuesday for the same thing to see how much she weighs and how long she is im 31 weeks and four days and 8 weeks to go, did your dr. say what position she your baby was in?

  20. Profile photo of Lynnett Lynnett says:

    32 weeks today and ready for my first child, my baby girl, to arrive. While being pregnant IS a blessing from God….I haven’t enjoyed it (lol), but I am thankful and I pray that these last few weeks will all be positive. She is a little underweight – this diva is already watching her girlish figure – but the doctors and specialist have already advised that she is not in the lower percentile where we should be concerned. We will just monitor her growth closely these next few weeks. The first trimester like most was horrible – tired, sick, emotional, uncomfortable, ugh. The second trimester I received that relief that everyone talks about were your body gets used to being pregnant. The third trimester has been OK so far – the back and abdominal aches are here and I am pretty much used to NOT sleeping now so I am in a state of acceptance and just trying to keep my mind occupied with her soon-to-be arrival. I am 38, this is my first child, I have high blood pressure, but she is very active and in good condition so overall I really cannot complain – and try not to. At 32 weeks some days I still want to bust out in tears, other days I want to sleep all day and other days I still think I am superwoman and can run around all day not taking time to rest. I give praise to woman who have done this more than once AND those who have carried more than one at once. I would have probably slit my wrist (kidding). I have not intention of doing this again, but I am grateful for the experience and look forward to being a mommy.

  21. Profile photo of Mariely Mariely says:

    I’m 31 weeks and 1 day today. This is my 3rd pregnancy, we are expecting a girl. This by far has been the most difficult pregnancy I have ever had. My first to were easy. I’m more exhausted now then anything, also sporting the bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep. 9 more weeks till my lil one is finally here. I can imagine how much you all are ready to welcome your lil ones. I have been ready for a while, LOL. I’m just hoping that these next few weeks fly by and no other complications come up. Fingers crossed 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Kasey Kasey says:

    31 weeks with twin boys, so I’ll probably get to meet them in the next 6 weeks or so. It’s funny, the specialist I have to see says the boys have been consistently measuring a week or two ahead of where they should be, and he wants to see the original ultrasound that gave my due date. So….. I may see them even sooner!!! I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks – you know, the silence, the kicks and movements, the exciting potential. That will change and I will have two demanding little humans to love and care for. 🙂 On the other hand, I am tired of not sleeping well, and I am huge and ungainly and swollen and achy….. My favorite trimester was the second one. The first was very hard with morning sickness. This one is just plain uncomfortable! Good luck everybody!!

  23. Profile photo of Andrea Andrea says:

    Am 31 weeks and 5 weeks to go. We are having triplets and it has been very hard. I’ve been having this pain in one spot of my stomach told the dr about it last week and he said nothing to worry about, pain just hasn’t stopped. I get my babies scans today I hate having to drive so far to get them done but I will do anything for our miracles. This is our first pergenacie, and our last my husband wanted me to try again if they were all the same sex but we are having 1 girl and 2 boys.

  24. Profile photo of Beth Beth says:

    I love being pregnant it’s a blessing from God! I was told I couldn’t have kids but I’m pregnant with a beautiful baby girl named Zariah. I think it’s crazy how she’s moving so much and how it feels. She don’t keep me up at night by her movements but it’s kinda hard to get comfortable sometimes. I love feeling her move all around in my belly cause I know she’s ok. I’m 31 weeks ago and only have two months left. I’m kinda scared as I get closer to my due date. She’s 31 inches long and 3 pounds maybe 4 now. I just can’t wait to meet my baby girl! I just know imma cry when I see her for the first time. But it’s all tears of joy and happiness! 🙂

  25. Profile photo of Heather Heather says:

    I am 31 weeks along with my fifth child yes fifth I live in the country don’t judge I feel great another girl number four and no complaints just can’t wait to meet my daughter although my husband hasn’t finished the nursery. I’m having a planned csection my second my other three were natural which considering the natural birth babies were over 9lbs each I think I did it backwards lol


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