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Are you looking for a fun, attention-grabbing activity for your toddler? Do you wonder which extracurricular activities your toddler can participate in? Are you just trying to find some way to harness the apparently boundless energy that your toddler seems to have? Read our articles below for ideas!

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Top Tips for Introducing Your Toddler to the Library

Our local library has a wonderful storytime schedule that rotates through different ...
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The Art of Digital Parenting: Have You Mastered It Yet?

How old was your child when he or she first held an iPhone or swiped a sticky finger ...
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The Media’s Influence on Your Kids: 5 Tips to Help

It doesn’t matter how much we shield our children from the influence of media in our ...
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Top Imagination-Inspiring Toys for 2012

Boon Inc.'s GLO There are no words for how insanely cool this GLO is at ...
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Children and TV: Turn Off the Tube, It’s Play Time!

Taking time each day to play with our children can direct them to think and learn ...
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Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Ultimately, it is a parental responsibility to keep children safe on the ...
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